Slate Roof Repair in Connecticut, JP. Bachand Contracting Slate roof work on Saint Mary Church in New Britain, CT. May 2013. Replacing the 3 pipe snow rail system that was ripped off the roof in the blizzard of…
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2 thoughts on “Slate Roof Repair in Connecticut, JP. Bachand Contracting

  1. Steve, You are correct. Not only should the base plates be not more than 4 feet apart but on this huge roof there should be another whole row of them up roof no more than 25 feet away. This roof has over 50 feet of rake. Remarkably they survived 110 years of service just the same. I'm the only contractor who has worked on this roof since 1983, we've had to straighten the pipes out plenty of times, but never anything like this before. Likely part of the reason they survived so long is that they were assisted by the wire ring, and Zaleski type individual snow guards spread over the entire roof at one time, but which have been disappearing more and more as the decades go by.
    Unfortunately, this was an insurance job, and even though I pointed out how inadequate the spacing was, they would only pay for what was there before, we've already had one ripped out since.

  2. Well maybe if they snow bar brackets had not got installed so far away from each other it would have not got ripped off so easily … I install these things all the time on slate roofs and I've never seen them spaced so far apart from each other

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