Roof repair of plumbing vent pipe We show you how easy it is to solve a roof leak around your plumbing vent pipe. Use this inexpensive product permanently prevent or repair this…
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5 thoughts on “Roof repair of plumbing vent pipe

  1. This is a great repair for a very common issue. I find it quite silly that we put these 15 year boots (they usually do not last that long in my area, more like 10 to 12 year) on a 30 year roof. 

  2. The new collar replacement might be good but the roof will still leak just like Bob said! The flashing is wide open on the sides which will cause leakage. To make matters much worse the keys are exposed at the highest point of the pipe flange which will cause the rain to go underneath the flashing like it wasn't there! The upper side of the collar should be sealed as well with a reputable sealant such as Geocel Tripolymer, otherwise it could still leak from hard down pours.

  3. I would have REPLACED the boot and tied the shingles in with less flange reveal. It was not water tight because a blowing rain can still get under the roof flange of the metal Oatey Boot.

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