26 thoughts on “REPLACING SHINGLE ROOF step by step

  1. If it's an insurance job, how do you come up with your price. Is it the amount the insurance allows, or is the price what you negotiated with the home owner?

  2. I can't even watch that disorganized mess. What a joke. Guys walking around and working at half speed like that wouldn't last an hour on one of our sites. No safety gear. Wrong tools for the job. Disaster. And how much are these poor saps being paid a day?
    Next to nothing that's how much.

  3. I'm not sure how you apply the seam tape, but if it's cool outside, I'll peel the paper behind the roll and nail it to the deck so the seam tape will peel as you roll it. Be careful, though. If it's too hot, you might end up with a mess if you don't keep the roll straight.

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