Interior Design Trends 2017

NEW INTERIOR DESIGN – The Southern Girl shows you the Interior Design & Color Trends for 2017, what you will be seeing in your local stores and how you …

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  1. Loved the video!!! Great information. Would you be able to share where you got the photo @ 7:25 the gray faux finished wall with the gold lines. Im dying two recreate this but I cant find the original photo anywhere.

  2. I did enjoy this video. I am old enough to recognize when trends have come around before. I am rooting for terracotta! I agree with Edwin. The moderator's voice was exceptionally melodic.

  3. Great video! So glad to hear you're in Atlsnts, will be coming to see you soon. Green is my fav color and the 2017 Pantone "greenery" is my fav shade. I have it all over my kitchen. As i was watching this video I noticed several nods to taupe in my dining room that I didn't recognize before. Gonna take that a little further now, so thanks!

  4. Well presented video, one can tell that you're serious about what you're delivering, well done Shantee! Also, you're a very pleasant lady with a lovely voice!

  5. I'm so glad I found your channel! My husband and I are closing soon in our first home and now I have some ideas to go along with all my grandmother's mid century modern furniture.

  6. You go girl.   What a lot of stuff you're into!   I love your peaceful voice, it's so soothing to listen to.  We all need that these days.   Thank you.

  7. I also love my magazines. Of all the magazines I receive my favorites are Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Country Living, Veranda, Better & Homes Garden, Traditional Home, Southern Living and Coastal Living. I know that is a lot. But I do have to purge them from time to time. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hey there Chantee, what an inspiration you are. I'm not an interior design kind of thinker because my hart and education lies in the Hort & Landscape but I do understand the concept of design. I am doing a complete remodel of my main bathroom, taking out walls, doors, closets and adding an alcove in front of the tub and running new outlets and ventilation. I am at the point where I need to make some decisions that will determine the the personalty of the room. You have helped me to verify that I'm on track with color and texture now all I have to do is to make sure can figure out what comes first " the Chicken or the Egg" when it comes to installing walls and floors as far as tiling is concerned. At any rate, you are adorable and is now my go to source for ideas : )

  9. well done video, it is informative, inspirational and entertaining! Personally, i am ok with the trend in general, as long as the 80s do not get re-launched, the past designs can be reused.  One decade of the 80s was enough, lol. The darker blue on wall looks really awesome. I like the eclectic style most, it is also the most realistic way to live in home with that style, since one person clutters, collects and uses stuff from different years throughout life.

  10. Thanks so much! First time to your channel, but I really appreciated all the information. I love the use of jewel tones as I am a color loving girl!

  11. Great video 🙂 I'm a new subscriber. I notice I've deliberately and subconsciously been following a lot of those trends. The green has been added with a lot of plants (more than usual) and himmels made of straws and then spray painted to look like copper.

  12. Wow the 60's stuff is sure popular this year. I love cork for walls and flooring…not sure about some other design stuff. I think tropical prints can be cool depending on the print itself. Geometric patterns are pretty classic. Navy is also a classic, again depending on where it's used you can really change up the style. Terracotta can look really nice or really cheap. Upholstered headboards are great because they are easy to reupholster if you want or need to change the look.

    Woot! Love wood accents. Also mixing pattern and texture is cool. This video was so well done.

  13. Chantee, it was like Christmas this year waiting for your 2017 Interior Design Trends video. I loved last year's so much (I've watched it multiple times) and I couldn't wait for this one to come out. Now that I own a house, I will definitely be putting some of these trends to good use. As always, thank you so much!

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