How to patch a roof How to patch a roof is easy. when you know how. Joe is in the process of patching a flat roof. Joe is using a roofing product …
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  1. One of the most important steps of successfully stopping a leak other than locating the point of water entry is prep work. Without prep work your attempt to repair the leak is doomed to fail. Cleaning the surface your applying the product to is key. Roughing up the area your repairing with a wire brush will help with the bonding process.

    Even tho a lot of these products profess to have a product that 1st time DIY'rs can use themselves or even seasoned DIY'rs can use is a easy goop and smear application. When doing a 3 course repair its important to work the material into the surface and check frequently to make sure the material is sticking.

    When applying the mesh it should be applied evenly and ensuring the width of the material has the cracked surface in the center. You should also extend the width of the material application to around 2" wider than the mesh and feathering the material. Apply the mesh so the crack is in the center of the mesh. Apply the final material application over the mesh and extend the width of the material another 1" past the previous 2" width of the first application.

    When applying the material over the mesh its important to not see the mesh when your finished.

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