How to Fix a Roof Leak in Asphalt Shingle Roofing

This roofing video pertains to repairing a section of roof in asphalt shingles. Another video at another channel on the same topic and task. Practical Roofing …
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21 thoughts on “How to Fix a Roof Leak in Asphalt Shingle Roofing

  1. Why do you have to pry shingles that are down hard, doesn't that imply a tight seal and no leak? Also will this method work on a double layer shingle roof? i.e. new shingle layer nailed over an old shingle layer?

  2. I have a leak seaping through my roof too. Its bad. it keeps dripping through the insulation and the insulation is bad now and we cant fix it there is a huge hole in our roof and all we can see is beams and we have been trying to find the leaking hole. we even poured rubber on the roof and its still dripping like hell

  3. If the shingle's seal is not broken, leave it alone. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association or ARMA states when sealing a loose tap apply 2 quarter size dabs of roofing asphalt at each corner of the tab. Not gulps of asphalt.

  4. Never fails. Cold wet (especially rainy) Illinois days always brings surprises like this.

    Can this be done in late October / late March ((my siblings normal "call brother for help" months))? I'm assuming yes.

  5. Well done. I like the methodical approach. As to the comments of "too long", so what. That's what the slider bar at the bottom is for if you feel it doesn't apply or you have the attention span of a fruitfly, LoL! Came home to a leak over the front porch yesterday. There is a valley between the garage roof and that portion of the house's front slope. Checked the garage attic and you could see it was coming in from above the entryway portion of the main roof, but outside the house so it wasn't an immediate danger. It will have to be fixed and later today, but now I've got to get into the attic and inspect the rest of the roof just in case.

  6. It's is raining outside right now. Got into the attic and found 5 different places where water is leaking. I thought about in the morning drilling a hole from inside the attic to the roof so I can replace the shingles on that area. is that the right procedure? Or maybe water actually gets inside the roof by streaming down from some other place not necessarily where I see it leaking inside the attic?

  7. Don't do this its better to take a couple of shingles of with the pry bar and the find the nail if it's and old house and isn't plywood it's mostly a nail that was hammered but didn't stick to the wood only the shingle

  8. I think I found the leak in the addict it seemed to be coming in through some nails so I sealed about a 3 foot square. The sealer from home depot was not like the sealer in the video, it was in tubes and clear. After lifting each time I squeezed it in and spread it out. The roof is 10 years old, why would the nail homes start to leak? If it still leaks I assume i just go to a larger area ( my shingles are about 24 inches wide each. any other thoughts?

    Oh, Thank You!

  9. Just out of curiosity, what if you did all of this and there was still a leak? Then what would you do? Seal the keyways? Great video!! I'm going to try this myself…Thanks!!

  10. hello I was lifting some shingles and I noticed that a few nails got trough the shingles that might be the leaking? do i have just cover the nails or I have to put new nails next to as well ?
    thank you for the video.

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