41 thoughts on “How to Fix a Leaky Roof

  1. @tool_dude_tony My question is, I live in AZ with a roof mounted AC unit on a 'stand' to support it. If the plywood needs to be replaced below the 'stand' how is this done with out having to lift the AC unit off the house?

  2. Dude, you worry too much. It's not "touching" lead that will get you. I have handled it all my life (ammunition) and I'm still going. Worse, I have chunks of it IN me, from where I've been shot. If the doctors in "hospitals" won't bother with removing it, I doubt touching it with bare hands will kill you. Just wash well before you EAT anything since ingesting it isn't good. I grew up at a time when lead wasn't worried about. Lead paint, lead in gas, lead projectiles, home casting of bullets, and so on. You stand a much higher risk of falling from your roof. Of course, lawyers would probably eat you alive.

    The "read between the lines" joke comes from holding your index, middle, and ring fingers up. I doubt the lawyers are smart enough to figure that one out, but…

    Thanks for the help. They charge an arm and a leg for this today and half of them still don't do the job any better than they did in the 70s and 80s.

  3. I am looking to put a bandage on an old problem- I know I know bad move- if you only knew, going forward… I would like to know the best material to repair an inter roof that leaks.  Can you suggest anything that really works??

  4. you did it wrong dude, sorry to say you don't know what your doing. You must use step flashing on each single overlapping. So it kicks the water back out on top of the shingle below it. Rookie

  5. You are gonna spend a crazy amount of money and or time trying to get those shingles up when it comes time to tear off again. Ice and water shield is going to cost home owners so much more money when people don't felt over it. It's a total waste of time in my opinion

  6. We rent and the ceiling in the bedroom just fell down and almost hit me. Some nut laid drywall on top of drywall for the ceiling and when the roof started leaking, it started to crack and about and hour later, down it goes.

  7. that flashing u reused ( where roof meets the wall ) is a tile pan … tile pan should only b used for tiles not asphalt shingles … ur suppose to use step flashings ( usually 8 by 12 galvanized metal bend like a L metal ) for asphalt shingles …..

  8. Hey Tony
    I notice sometimes shingles tend to bow upward in the corners sometimes. Can you smear some tar under it, lay a small flat brick on top to dry for a day?

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