How to fix a leaking flat roof with Sealoflex Seal-a-Leak

Episode 54 – Sealoflex Seal-a-leak Flat Roof Repair A few years ago I went down to Ashford in Kent to look at a church roof being sprayed with Sealoflex. There was an ongoing problem with…
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7 thoughts on “How to fix a leaking flat roof with Sealoflex Seal-a-Leak

  1. Roger mate. I got a customer who wants me to repair her flat roof, I been up there and can't see anything wrong but to replace the facia boards and clean out the gutter. its a proper green mineral roof, should I just paint over all the joints and apply lead sealant around the flashing for good measure? and with this heat we having is it a good idea to cover the roof with shingles? your help is much appreciated.

  2. I've not used this brand however used similar such as acrypol. That has fibres in it for reinforcement. It's wonderful stuff. When I'm putting a shed up I slap this stuff under the felt gives it a good waterproof barrier below the felt. Belt and braces.

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