Flat Roof Leak Repair – DIY Hints and Tips

Ever wondered why you rarely see flat roofs on house garages anymore? Our house, along with all the other houses on our estate built in the 70s came with a flat and leaky garage roof. Faced…
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10 thoughts on “Flat Roof Leak Repair – DIY Hints and Tips

  1. Thank you to everyone who have left constructive feedback. Please remember I am not a roof repairer by trade – just a house holder trying to fix a leaky roof at the lowest possible cost. Drilling a guide hole through the damp patch makes it easy to locate that patch when outside. I claim that as my original idea but no doubt someone will point out that it has been tried before. I accept that leaks can migrate from the damaged felt and appear as a damp patch somewhere else. But in my experience, with my roof, painting the area above the damp patch has always worked and anyway it's worth a try as the tiny guide hole is easy sealed by the Isoflex. Further comments welcome, especially your own successful method to locate the source of leaks.

  2. One thing I would caution everyone on is that the place where the leak shows on the underside is not generally where the leak is occurring on the topside. You'll notice that stains and water show up mostly around drywall joints, this is because it is the weakest part of the ceiling structure and indicates an easy "out" for the water or where it gathered. Many times, the source leak is not where the stain is, and the stain is only where the water pooled.

  3. depending on the what kind of vapor barrier this may not work to find your leak . water can travel a long distance from where its getting in the roof before it gets through a good vapor barrier good luck and p.s i'm a flat roofer I've seen it travel over 20 ft just to say

  4. That liquid rubber stuff is superb! I built my garage on a piece of council land that was flat and prone to flooding. I used a couple of tins of that liquid rubber around the outside and inside of the garage to seal it. A couple of months ago I returned home from work after a lot of rain to find a large puddle at the front about an inch deep and inside the garage was bone dry! well it was until I drove my car through the puddle and into it!

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